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Becoming InterDependent

July 05, 2023 Episode 74
Becoming InterDependent
Beauty in Battle Podcast
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Beauty in Battle Podcast
Becoming InterDependent
Jul 05, 2023 Episode 74

To really connect with your spouse, your lives have to INTERSECT! This allows you to move from ME to WE. We've heard it said, "Compatibility does not lead to a successful marriage - connectedness does!"

While independence is worthy to be celebrated, we have to understand that when it comes to marriage interdependence is much more important. Why? Because interdependence brings strength and meaning to your relationship.

In this episode we'll dive into the power of interdependence and four ways you can grow in this vital area of your marriage.


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To really connect with your spouse, your lives have to INTERSECT! This allows you to move from ME to WE. We've heard it said, "Compatibility does not lead to a successful marriage - connectedness does!"

While independence is worthy to be celebrated, we have to understand that when it comes to marriage interdependence is much more important. Why? Because interdependence brings strength and meaning to your relationship.

In this episode we'll dive into the power of interdependence and four ways you can grow in this vital area of your marriage.


Have you taken our free 5-Day Marriage Challenge yet? If not, click HERE and join us!

So we're talking today about becoming interdependent on each other. Okay. And this comes right on the heels of celebrating, um, July 4th. Mm-hmm. Independence Day. Yep. Independence is so good. It's a really good thing. You wanna be able to stand on your own two feet, but as it relates to marriage, interdependence is way better.

I agree. And Tori agrees. Um, so we're gonna dive into this. This is really, this, this one's really fun. Um, but before we do, Tori has got a song for you. We do. So this weekend we watched a movie with the new movie that came out with, with Celine Dion. She's not, I don't think she's ever been in a movie. Yeah, I actually really liked it.

It's called Love Again. It was really cute. I, I feel like we can't really recommend anything because there's always pushing the gay agenda. They're always pushing something or there's something that's inappropriate or, but anyways, we, um, it was a cute movie. Yeah. I mean, comparatively speaking to some of the things coming out Yeah, it was, it was pretty innocent.

But of course there's always, I can't fully recommend it. But anyways, the song Love, um, love Life, the movie My Life called Love Again, but the, the song Love of My Life. Is it new to this movie? I think it is, but man, so I grew up listening to Celine Dion and she's got the greatest love songs ever. Right?

And this movie is so cute. Uh, but I hadn't heard of, yeah, we had never heard this ones Dion song in like the last, a new Celine Dion song. This is like the. Best month of Jason's life. I've always liked Celine. He has not stopped listening to the song. What's funny? It's really, really good too. And it's funny cuz I've always bragged on how good a voice Celine Dion Uhhuh Celine Dion has.

My, uh, my daughter Lundy, she, she hates when I say Celine Dion has the best voice ever.

Like she's the greatest female voice of all time. And I just think that she. Just doesn't like me complimenting another woman, I guess. Yeah. Or whatever. I, I think she's not used to you complimenting another woman so much as you do Celine Dion, and she's like a little uncomfortable with it. Okay. I get that.

I was a teenager listening to Celine Dion love songs. She's amazing ly like, don't, she's not that amazing. Okay, well here's Celine in her newest love song, and it's all right. It's not that great. Whatever. Actually, it's really good.

Tell me that's not awesome.

Oh, okay. Come on now. It's so good. And she has an amazing love story. You know, she lost her husband several years ago to cancer. Oh yeah. And she, when she talks about him, it's really special. Like they had something really special. And it's just every time I hear her talking about her husband, I'm really touched.

Cuz she and him were just, they had a really special relationship and she still is honoring him. And even in the movie, she honors him and says, you know, I've only had one. True love one. Yeah. My one and only, and he was the love of my life. She even talks about him in the movie. It's just really sweet. Yeah.

And I think the stories that she shares in the movie are true stories. I think so too. Her husband, uh, Renee was her manager and he's like 26 years older than her. Mm-hmm. Or something like that. But anyway, it, it's just a really cool movie, so you gotta watch it. Love again. And, and one of my litmus tests for a man who's really secure in his manhood is whether or not he likes Celine Dion and he's willing to admit it.

You are such a man, babe. So I got a buddy of mine, uh, Gabe Blinds, who? He, he and I just absolutely, like, he loves Celine Dion. I love Celine Dion. And I remember about 15 years ago, Celine Dion was coming. She either came to Charlotte or something before she stopped traveling to do it. And he's like, let's go, let's take the wives to, to Celine Dion.

And, uh, So we had something going on, we didn't do it, and now I regret it cuz she doesn't really travel. I know she doesn't travel and she hasn't since then. Like, no, we didn't know that. I think she's sick right now and so she's not, she's not touring. So we missed our opportunity. I know. Anyways, this podcast is not about Celine Dion, it's about becoming as much as Jason would like it to be.

No. Oh, voice only course. But now here, course. Here. Here's the thing. Um, to really connect with your spouse, uh, your lives have to intersect. Mm-hmm. Right. I mean, you've got to be involved in each other's lives. Mm-hmm. And that allows you to move from me to we. Yeah. Now, of course, I always say conflict is also the opportunity to turn from me to we.

Yeah. But specifically we're talking about interdependence and, and what I mean by that is to independent people choosing to be dependent on each other, right? Yep. You're independent. Yeah. But you're choosing to be dependent. Mm-hmm. So, What that does is when, when you allow yourself to do that, you're intersecting, you're allowing your lives to intersect because everything in marriage is an opportunity to connect with your spouse, period.

And, and I love this quote, I got this from Mort Ttell, um, marriage psychologist guy. He said, compatibility does not lead to a successful marriage. Hmm. So compatibility, it doesn't lead to a successful marriage. Connectedness does. Wow. So you can be incompatible, but still connect. Yeah. Right. I mean, how many people, I mean, it's actually encouraging.

Yeah. Opposites. Yeah. You can be the opposite of your spouse. Mm-hmm. And most of them are. Right. Right. But when you allow your lives to intersect, then that gives you that connected feeling. Yeah. And Tori and I, I'm just telling you, it doesn't work. If you're like, yep. That's his thing. He does his thing and the wife's like, I do my thing.

Mm-hmm. And, but yet we live in the same house. Next thing you know, they're roommates. Right. Right. And they don't have that connection and you need that. Mm-hmm. So here's the thing. Independence is good. It means that you can stand on your own two feet. Right? I mean, we just celebrated Independence Day. Yeah.

So here America is, can, can celebrating the whole idea of. We didn't need Great Britain to survive. Yeah. Right. We can stand independently. Yeah. And God has made us strong. Mm-hmm. To stand on our own two feet. But interdependence is better. Volunt, voluntary dependency. Um, why? And I just listed two things. Um, strength and meaning.

Mm-hmm. So first for strength, when you choose to be interdependent, look, look at this. It gives you the 10 x factor. In the Bible it says one can put a thousand to flight. Two can put 10,000. Mm. That's not, you know, one can put a thousand, a flight two can put 2000, no 10,000. It's the 10 x factor that God created you with the, the natural capacity to be that.

There's rocky, if, if you could hear him, mark Rocky says hello. Yeah. Rocky says hello. Um, God created you with the capacity. Mm-hmm. To be strong on your own, to be, but to be more than twice as strong when you join somebody else. Yeah. And it's just so crazy. This is true. Even in, in Animal Kingdom. Mm-hmm. Uh, I tell the story all the time about the Dixie Stampede.

Yeah. Where they had the horse pull and they got the strongest horses, you know, in the world together. And they did a competition in the first place. Horse pulled. 8,000 pounds. Mm-hmm. The second place horse pulled 7,000 pounds. The two horse owners got together. They said, let's join him up, let's yolk him up and let 'em pull, and they pulled 30,000 pounds.

Wow. I love that. That's, that's such a cool example. Yeah. But it's the same, not in inanimate mm-hmm. Life too. Yeah. Two pieces of wood. So if you take a p a two by eight and you span it mm-hmm. You know, eight feet. You walk on it, you know, you'll feel a little bit of a bow or whatever. Yeah. You know, it's fine.

It's strong. If you put two, two by eights on top of each other, pieces of wood and you span it that eight feet mm-hmm. They're, they're more than twice the amount of strength when they're put together. Yeah. So, I don't know the exact calculations, but, but like, that's something I guess most construction guys know.

Mm. You take two boards, you put 'em together. Yeah. They're stronger than more than, I don't know exactly how to say it. Yeah. It's not two x, right? Like it's stronger than two x. Yeah. Right. Just like two people. Yeah. The, the horses, you know? So, so the Bible tells us the 10 x factor. Mm. And so God made us that way.

Yeah. You know, he totally made us that way. He does not want you to go it alone. Mm. So first, his strength. Why, why is interdependence better than independence? Yeah. Stronger. Stronger together. Yeah. Um, and before I move on to the next one, We say in our book, before oneness, there has to be twoness, right?

Which means two healthy individuals. Mm-hmm. The healthier you are individually, the healthier your marriage can be. Relationally. Yeah. Right? So independence is important. Mm-hmm. It's not, um, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you. Right. It's, I want you, I want you, I want you, and I do need you. Yeah.

Because I've chosen to need you. Yeah. I mean, even thinking about the example of the Dixie Stampede, you're taking the two strongest horses. You're taking two capable, that's strong horses and you're putting 'em together. Yeah. And then you're getting that result. Yeah. That you need to be strong independently.

Yes. You have to and, and we, we know co uh, couples that have grown co-dependent. Right, so we're talking interdependence. Mm-hmm. Which means yes, you can stand on your own two feet, but you choose not to. Codependency is, I can't do certain things without my spouse. Mm-hmm. You know, like for one, one example of codependency, and this is a bad form of co I mean, all codependency is bad, but if this is a really bad one is if.

You can't be happy unless your spouse is happy. Yeah. Yep. So true. Now I get the whole, like, I'm not sitting here, you know, laughing and having a great time. If Tori's going through a, a trial mm-hmm. Obviously I'm gonna mourn with her and that kind of thing. Mm-hmm. But I'm saying if you a hundred percent, if your happiness and the joy in your life is determined by your spouse's happiness and joy, That's codependency.

Yep, yep. You know, you can be connected. Mm-hmm. But man, and this is something that's, that a lot of times I think moms struggle with, with their kids, like, yeah. You know, if their kids aren't happy, then it's hard for them to find joy. Cuz they, they're, they're just looking. To their kids. Like, if, if, yeah, if the kids are happy, then I could be happy.

Or if the kids aren't stressed, then I could be not, you know, it's, it's tough. It's a hard thing to balance. And then that leads the mom or, and even the dad, you know, if you're codependent on your kids, then you're, if your kid is bored or they're complaining or they're not having a good day or a good time, you're gonna do everything in your power to fix that.

Mm-hmm. Rather than saying you can be bored. Mm-hmm. But I'm not gonna let that ruin my day. Like you need to figure this stuff out and go transactional on em. Yeah. Right. And then, and then you move out of that codependency to the interdependency. So, so first it's strength. Why is it interdependence better than independence?

Mm-hmm. First it's strength. Your stronger together. Yep. Period. That's the way God made us two for meaning. Mm-hmm. For meaning in marriage, we come to find our true meaning in relation to each other. Yeah. Now, I'll give you an example. Um, words. Words are independent, they can stand on their own. Right? Right.

But they only have true meaning in their interdependence. On other words, in a sentence. Yeah. That's good. So the word courage. Mm-hmm. That's a strong word. Yeah. Courage. Mm-hmm. So if I just looked at you and went courage. Mm-hmm. You know, like, you'd be like, Hey, that's cool, you know? Mm-hmm. Great. But if I'm like, Hey, God made you to be a man or woman of courage.

Yeah. And you can stand strong if you face your fear, God gives you, God will take over the fight and your courage will precede the miraculous in your life. Yeah. Yep. Now all of a sudden there's meaning. You've got something. Yeah. It's meaning. Yeah. So yeah, you can be independent, that's great. But interdependence with other people gives you strength and it gives you meaning.

Wow. The highest, so good. Highest, the highest level of maturity is not independence. It's interdependence and what I put there is that independent couple that that independent person. They can stand on their own two feet if they have to, but they don't want to. Two independent people choosing to be dependent on each other.

Mm. Okay. And, and now I love this because if you've read our book or been to any of our seminars or whatever, you'll know that Tori and I talk about how God created man in his own image. But what he really created before Eve came along was mankind. Mm. So Adam's name in Hebrew meant mankind before Eve came.

But then Eve came and how did she come? God removed a rib from Adam, so he removed feminine from masculine. So mankind was in one human body. Then God put that one human who was Adam. Yeah. Asleep and removed feminine from masculine, and then created and crafted a woman. Yeah. Okay. So now you have feminine and masculine, the two aspects of mankind in two separate bodies.

God said it's not good for man to be alone. And what alone meant in the Hebrew was at one. So it's not good for mankind to be in one body. Mankind needed to be in two individual bodies. So God separated what was once one, so they could become one by choice. Now that is what interdependence looks like.

It's yes, you do need each other. Like I need Tory. I really do. But you know what? God forbid God, and please, Lord, don't let this happen. If something happened to Tori and she was no longer here on this earth, I'm gonna be okay. Right. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Like you got to be there. Right. Right.

Because if you're not, and next thing you know I'm taking a date to the funeral. Yeah, exactly. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Because you can't stand on your own if you're not independent. So you need to be independent, but voluntarily interdependent. Mm. So that's so good. And I just love how God made us to be interdependent.

Yeah. You know, it's so good and it, it reminds me of John 15 about abiding in Christ. Oh, that's great. Like we were made to be one with Christ. That's when we walk in. The fullness of strength and power is when we're one with Christ and. I'll never forget when the Lord showed me. I, you know, I've heard that scripture over and over my entire life, but this was like, you know, 15 years ago Yeah.

When I was really, really struggling as a mom with the fruits of the spirit. Mm-hmm. And I was like, okay, I need strength and power to like walk these things out to be one with Christ. What does it mean to be with one with Christ? And I'm reading. Um, John 15 about abiding in Christ. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever it is and will be done for you.

That's good. And then it goes on to say, um, And so I'm like, what does abiding in Christ, how do I abide in Christ? And if you keep reading, it says, if you keep my commandments, you'll remain in my love, that you'll abide in me if you keep my commandments. And I remember just feeling overwhelmed, like, well, crap.

Like what? What commandments am I? You know? And then I keep reading and it says, and here is my commandment. Love others as I have loved you. Mm. I was like, okay, that's doable. Like it's not, it's not easy, but if I can focus on loving the people that God has put in my, in my, in my life, yeah, then I can be one with Christ.

So if I can focus in on Loving You well, if I can focus in on loving the kids well, if I can choose love over fear. Then I'm remaining in Christ and that's when I'm have my most strength, my most power is when I'm one with Christ and when I'm one with the people that he's put in my life. Yeah. That's really good.

Through loving them. I love that. And, and you know what, when, when you're at a healthy place of interdependence, it feels good to be needed. Mm-hmm. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Like I know that Tori needs me. Like right now, Tori needs me in several areas. You know, one of the things is I'm the primary breadwinner.

Mm-hmm. It feels good to know that she needs me in that way, because I know that I need her at home to be the primary person that pays attention to the kids. Mm-hmm. And we joke about that. Yep. You know, but, so it feels good to know that Tori needs me. I think when you're at an unhealthy place, which is more codependent or whatever mm-hmm.

Um, it doesn't feel good to be needed. Mm-hmm. Or if you're in an unhealthy place of too much independence mm-hmm. To where you're not codependent, you're not interdependent, you're just straight independent of each other. Yeah. Um, then I don't want to be needed. Right. I feel as though it's pressure on me.

Like, gosh, just do your own thing. Like, yeah, why do you need me? Or whatever. Um, that's unhealthy. Right. So I think, um, if you look at that too much independence or codependence on, that's ditches on either side. Mm-hmm. What we really want is interdependence. Right. Which is the voluntary. Needing. Right. And yet, you know, God has created all of us, uh, individuals, all of us people, we all have needs.

Yeah. You know, we, we just, we all have needs and God wants to meet those needs and he'll meet those needs through other people. Yeah. And I think we're all in different places, right. Like some of us, we need more dependents on each other and others of us need more independence. Yeah. Like, we're all in different places.

And so I think it's just important to ask the Lord. Just wherever you in, in the morning your time with the Lord. Like, where Lord, speak to me. That's what do you, what do you need me to know right now? Yeah. About my relationship. Do, do we need more of this? Do we need more? You know what we need? That's good.

And I'm asking you to show, to, to, to put the spotlight on it. Yeah. Show me. He will speak to you in the quiet places. Yeah. And um, If we just ask, and I think it's so important to get into the habit of asking, what do I need? What do you, what do you need me to know right now about my relationship and what do you need me to do about it?

Yeah, that's really good. I, I love that. I just think that there's, there's just so much that we can learn from becoming inter interdependent on each other. Mm-hmm. And, and what Tori said is so true because her and I for, oh shoot, we've been married, we're going into our 23rd. No, this December will be 23 years.

Yeah. Uhhuh of marriage for us. And 21 and a half of them have been having kids. Right. Right. Mm-hmm. And so we got four kids and um, there's a level of dependence on each other because our kids have been where they are, where we were never, like if Tori and I ever had any time, Alone where we didn't have our kids.

We were like, we have to be together. We have to do this. Yeah. We've gotta go for a walk. We gotta go on a date. We gotta do this cuz we don't get a lot of time together. Exactly. Cause we're always with our kids right now, our kids are older and three of 'em have licenses. Mm-hmm. And then our youngest is a teenager now.

Um, we have more alone time together. Right. But now, like Tori hates action movies. Mm-hmm. I kind of like that action movies. So sometimes I'm like, Hey hun, let's watch a movie together. And she might go, no, I'm gonna read a book. You watch that movie. For 20 some years that did not exist. Right. It's like, it was like a little pocket of time.

We were gonna take it together it together, together, because we had such limited time together. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like now you, you come into these different seasons of life and you, you kind of have to, like, for us, we just were on a walk and we're like, you know what? We actually have, like, we had just went on a trip to Maine together.

Yeah. When Lendy was at, at um, uh, uh, teen Camp. So we had four days together. We came home and we're kind of like in this routine of like, when there's spare, a spare minute to do things, we're doing things together and we're like, you know what? Like we're, we're actually, we have more than enough time together.

Like Wes, like, get away from me. No, but we kind of had to regroup a little bit. Like I actually need, you know? Yeah. Do you just spend more time with these, this I, let me take Jake, you take London? Yeah. Like we do your thing. We have plenty of time together. We need to get kind like. Rethink our time management and yeah, it's just, it's, it's like sometimes you get into such habits.

Of your life. Yeah. You really need a conversation and a time to talk about, okay. What, what's working and what's not working here. Yeah. And it's funny, it's crazy to even say that. Like, I can't believe we're actually saying that we had a conversation about us spending too much time together. Yeah. Like that.

It is crazy because I, it was only a couple years ago that we felt like we had, didn't, did not have enough time together. Yeah. And, and, and it's an encouragement to all of you out there who either just got married or you got young kids or whatever. That time's coming for you. Right? Don't lose hope. Yeah.

Don't lose hope. So let me give you four things that'll help you grow interdependent on each other. I give, uh, credit to this, um, to Mort Fertel, um, who's the guy I've, I've studied, and he, he says this first, identify a hobby you can do together. You have no idea how important that is, whatever that hobby is.

You know, the big craze is pickleball. Mm-hmm. You know, um, we, I make fun of Brittany Hoyt, who, her and her husband Tanner. You guys, you guys know their names enough now and, and then, and we've got Zach and Andy Wooldridge, the two couples that we've been mentoring this year, but. Brittany Hoyt plays pickleball.

Yeah. Well, you, she was a D one basketball player, and so she's like highly competitive, you know, just, I don't know how many years she's been outta sports, but you, it's in her, like she wants to compete and I make fun of her for going out there and beating up on the, the geriatric people. Yeah. People that literally are wearing dentures, but mm-hmm.

No, it's, it's legit competition. But, you know, pickleball is the big craze now. Mm-hmm. Like, go out and play pickleball together, like find something you can do together, or maybe your kids are too young and you'll have to do what Brittany and Tanner do. So Brittany plays pickleball while Tanner's got the kids at the playground.

Mm-hmm. And he's watching her. Mm-hmm. Like, that's cool. Do it together. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. You know, or Zach and Andy, they, they started kite boarding together. That's like baller status stuff. Yeah. We were at the beach and I actually got to see what they were talking about. Like, that actually looks like a lot of fun.

Yeah. Definitely like one day when, when the kids are out of the house, Tori and I are gonna have some hobbies. We're we're gonna a beach house and we're going Kit, I don't wanna get a beach house. I'll just stay renting it. Okay, got it. Cause I don't wanna pay that insurance. Okay. Just FYI on that. But I think that would be so fun.

Yeah. So actually, I don't know, I'm scared of sharks, so. Yeah. Gosh. I'll have to go to, gosh, can I tell shark free zone? We have, so we have in our bathroom, um, on the other side of the wall, uh, we have this little great thing because we have a jetted tub and the tub needs a, a motor, and so the motor's buried inside of the wall and the wall has piping that goes down into the crawlspace.

Well wait. You did, you did say that. This is the master bathroom. Master bathroom. My. Master Tory's master bathroom. Okay. So we have this little grate, this vent on the, on the wall it right where our toilet room is. Right. So it's right inside there so that the jet can have a vent. Right. Well, there's a little hole in the, in the crawlspace floor so that the tube can go up in it.

Well, I walked in the bathroom yesterday and we had a black snake coming out of that grate. Oh my God. Yeah, I got a picture of it too. It's crazy. So, We got it handled. We got it fixed there. I was at my parents' house and he FaceTimed my dad. And this out, there's a snake in their bathroom. Oh, gosh. Gosh.

Tori and Lundy won't use that bathroom anymore. But anyway, I don't know where I was going with that. But the whole idea is tackle, uh, have a hobby. Oh, I was talking about sharks. Oh yeah, sharks. And the same, the same morning my mom was grabbing my parents live next door to us, like right next door. We basically share a yard.

And so they. She was grabbing a lawn chair off of her refrigerator in her garage and a black snake fell on her like it was in her face. She said it was so funny cuz she said she was so scared she threw everything and she opened the door and she found herself like arm crawling on the floor, crawling on the floor while she was screaming.

She was crawling on the floor. I laughed so hard. I was like, I, I could not help. Think about home alone. Two in the hotel when the, when the gun goes off, yes, the dude's army crawling in the hallway. Back in your rooms, there's an armed man. There's a mad man on loose. Oh my gosh. That's what she did. Anyway, so point number one, if you're gonna grow interdependent on each other, uh, identify a hobby you can do together.

Point number two, tackle a problem or challenge together. So, You got some, some challenge. You got some thing that you keep putting off. Go tackle it together. Look, have you guys been talking about how you need your bushes trimmed or whatever? If you're not gonna hire somebody to do it, go do it together.

Okay? Tackle a problem or challenge together. Tori and I did this when we painted a wall and we put up some board and Batten on our own. Oh yeah. That was our Covid project. It was our Covid project, and it was, it worked really good. Okay, number three. Solicit your spouse's opinion on what you're doing.

That's a good idea. Hmm. Hey, this is what I'm doing. Especially for men at work. Tell your wife what you're doing, you know, or women, if you're, you got a job outside the house or whatever, bring your husband into what you're doing. Mm-hmm. And ask their opinion on what they think. Don't just, this was always a source of conflict for Jason and I like the first 10 years of our marriage, cuz Jason's very in, was very, very independent.

And you have gotten, I will tell you husbands out there that are like this, it's possible you can practice it. Yeah, you can. Until you become good at it. Cuz now he's really good about bringing me in. Yeah, but it does not come natural for you, does it? No, I just knock it out on my own. But okay. So that's point number three.

Point number four, and we end with this. See yourself as a part of something greater than yourself. The independent person is like, I got this. No problem. But if you see yourself as a part of something that's greater than yourself, it's like, no, me and Tori we're gonna do this together, even though I know I can do this.

Yeah. And just seeing that you're better together. Yeah, a hundred percent. Going back to what you were, you're talking about, like, I think the, the important thing is to, for that awareness of we are actually stronger together. Yeah. Like, it's proven, like when you, when you look at. How God designed us. We're better when we can come together and do it together.

Yeah. So let's figure this out to do it together. Yeah. Well that's it. That's all we got. What you got? Um, okay, so for a recipe that I was gonna share, have you guys seen these smash burger tacos that are going viral? Oh, those are cool. Yeah, so we tried them this week and they were really, really good. I, I'll show you how we did ours.

Um, But I guess this is like TikTok viral recipe. Um, and there's like a gazillion out there. But basically all you do is you take burger meat and you roll it into like a, make it into like a, basically a meatball. And then you take a taco shell, which I used the almond flour taco, uh, shells from Trader Joe's.

Oh yeah. Which are really good. That was good. Very low carb. Yeah. Um, and you just put the meatball on a griddle, which I have like a, a big, uh, what is it called, babe? Um, I don't know. It's like an electric. Oh, it's a skillet. Skillet, yeah. Electric skillet lec, like a big electric skillet. Um, my brother has like one of those huge grills, the skillet grills.

That's what I want next, because you could literally do like all of them on that and it'd be super easy. But anyways, you puts meatballs down, then you put the, the tortilla on top of it and you just smash it. And that's it. And then you just wait for it to cook and then you flip it so it gets like real crispy on the, um, the shell gets real crispy on the outside and then you just put like your, your lettuce and tomatoes and onions.

And then I made a healthy Big Mac sauce. Yeah. And it was so good. Yeah, that was, there's tons of recipes online, all our status. I still need to perfect that. Like I'm trying different things. I thought it was good, but I think it could be better. I'm not even gonna share that, that recipe cuz I don't think it was amazing.

But my kids are all about the sauces. So we did it with like avocado, mayonnaise, made it healthy and it was like relish. And anyways, it was really, really good. Everyone really liked it. Definitely gonna go back to it. And I felt like it was super healthy, especially when you're doing the almond flour, um, tortilla.

And it, I Did you think it even tasted like you were eating an almond flour tortilla? I felt like it, no, it was really good. Like, just tasted like a normal illa. Absolutely. So good. So anyways, you guys should try these new smash burgers. Tacos. They're really good. I'll show you how we made ours on Jason Tory, and that's it.

That was, that was my favorite recipe last week and it worked. Trust me. Do it. Alright. Be interdependent on each other. You can stand independent independently, but choose to be dependent and, uh, Watch what happens. How about that? Just watch. Just watch it. Would you just look at that? Just look at it. All right guys.

Go Google, ed Bassmaster Ugly Fish. I just wanna look at it, just fyi. Or I just wanna look at it. That's another fun one. Or I just wanna look at it. All right, guys. All right, we'll see you later. Bye-Bye.