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The Power of a Praying Couple

September 13, 2022 Jason Benham, Tori Benham Episode 38
The Power of a Praying Couple
Beauty in Battle Podcast
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Beauty in Battle Podcast
The Power of a Praying Couple
Sep 13, 2022 Episode 38
Jason Benham, Tori Benham

Did you know that married couples who pray together are 90% more likely to report higher satisfaction in their sex life than couples who don't pray together?

Call us crazy, but we've discovered that incorporating prayer in our marriage does way more than simply increase physical satisfaction - it draws us together unlike anything else can.

Why? Because all truly healthy marriages involve three people - husband, wife, and God. When you bring God into your relationship great things happen.

God is your Father, so He knows what you need more than you do. But He's also your Father-in-Law - He knows what your spouse needs. Better yet, He will give you the keys to their heart if you'll simply take time to listen to Him.

That's what this episode is all about - how to incorporate prayer into our marriage and how to leverage it's power in our relationship.

We'll wrap up with three aspects of prayer that all couples need to do every single day.

Enjoy. This one is a fun one.

p.s. Want to work with one of our marriage coaches to incorporate prayer in your life? Click HERE to learn how. 

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Did you know that married couples who pray together are 90% more likely to report higher satisfaction in their sex life than couples who don't pray together?

Call us crazy, but we've discovered that incorporating prayer in our marriage does way more than simply increase physical satisfaction - it draws us together unlike anything else can.

Why? Because all truly healthy marriages involve three people - husband, wife, and God. When you bring God into your relationship great things happen.

God is your Father, so He knows what you need more than you do. But He's also your Father-in-Law - He knows what your spouse needs. Better yet, He will give you the keys to their heart if you'll simply take time to listen to Him.

That's what this episode is all about - how to incorporate prayer into our marriage and how to leverage it's power in our relationship.

We'll wrap up with three aspects of prayer that all couples need to do every single day.

Enjoy. This one is a fun one.

p.s. Want to work with one of our marriage coaches to incorporate prayer in your life? Click HERE to learn how. 

So we're talking about the power of prayer in your marriage. And I wanna start out with this quote that I heard. Okay. It's a good one. You're gonna like it. Um, married couples who pray together are 90% more likely to report higher satisfaction in their sex lives than couples who don't pray together. I wanna see that no, it is true.

Uh, that's crazy. So, uh, Tori and I have been getting our lots of different certifications for marriage coaching and one of the couples there, who's doing this, their, their doctors and their researchers, and they shared that quote. So I'm like, if, well, it must be true. That's, that's pretty crazy, but I can honestly see how that works.

Yeah. I can't see. Yeah. That you bring God into it. He loves relationship. Yeah. He loves intimacy. He loves connection. Yeah. That makes sense. To me, you know, you, the best marriages aren't between two people, they're between three people where the third person is God. So, so true. And before we actually jump in to talk about prayer, I think Tori has a joke or two or.

How many you got? We just do one, babe. Oh, sorry. Come on. Follow along, right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Do one joke. One joke. Actually, I shouldn't say that because there have been times where I've had a bunch of them that had to get through , but so you need to apologize to me on air . Okay. I haven't talked to my wife in seven years.

I didn't wanna interrupt her. Wait. Oh, geez. I didn't get that. Okay. But I do now. Wow. Yeah. That's someone who needs a lot of words. my words. No, there's this. Um, so Kim Vincent I've talked about her several times cuz she always, always telling me jokes and she sent me this, um, this Instagram account and it's these dads who are like sitting on a dock.

Telling dad jokes. Yeah. And I guess the whole point is like how many they can get through without laughing. Cause they're so corny and they're just so stupid. Oh yeah. And they're actually really funny because they don't laugh. Like they, they keep their face like completely straight the whole time. Ah, Got it.

Okay. I don't know where we're going with that, but that sounds really cool. Hey, I got one real quick. um, asking Jason hates my jokes. Like none other. I like your jokes. They're good. I like hearing you tell the joke. Um, he's our dad jokes. So if I'm talking to the, the wives, I can say wives, what do you tell a husband with two black eyes?

I hate this one. nothing. You done told her you done told him twice. Oh, geez. stop hitting your husband. Okay. Please leave him alone. He doesn't mean it. All right. So let's talk prayer. Let's talk about prayer and the power of prayer in your life. Okay. Uh, not just in your life, but the power of prayer in your marriage.

So if this quote is true, which I really do believe it is true where prayer can help you in every area of your life, including physical intimacy, then why don't we do it? So we should be, we should be praying more. Um, let me start with a little analogy. Um, and you're gonna think my analogy's corny tore, but I'm just gonna go with it.

All right. So if you have to cut down a tree mm-hmm , then you need to spend time sharpening your saw or your ax. If it's an ax. Uh, I think Abraham Lincoln was asked one time. Oh no. He said, he said this quote, one time, if you give me six hours to cut down a tree, I'm gonna spend five hours sharpening the ax.

Which is great because a sharpened saw or a sharpened ax makes you more productive with less. Yeah, that totally makes sense to me as someone who just got the best knives ever from Cutco years ago, it changed my life forever. I mean, it cuts down so much time in the kitchen. So I, a hundred percent agree with that.

Is, is this a Cutco promo? No, but I, I should become one of their, whatever they called. Yeah. We should contact them, but no, it is true. Some dude came by selling cut. We, we just thought we were gonna help this kid go to college, but yeah. I'm like, we gotta buy something from this kid anyway, but yeah, no I a thousand.

Yeah, exactly. But I can a hundred percent agree with what you're saying. Like that makes a huge difference. Yeah. Sharpen it. If you've, if you've got sharp knives, you're going to, um, be more productive with less effort. And so that's what prayer does in our lives and in our marriage. Is he's gonna make us, God comes in and makes us more productive with less effort.

Mm-hmm and that's what, even in the scripture, it says it's for freedom, that Christ sets you free. So he wants us to live in this freedom. He doesn't want us straining, he doesn't want our marriage relationship to be difficult and it doesn't have to be. Yeah, there are times where you're gonna go through difficulty, but.

The, the rhythm of your marriage does not need to be difficult. And if it is difficult, then, then what I would suggest is let's add in this incredibly powerful component of prayer, because what prayer does is it sensitizes your spirit so that you can hear that still small voice telling you which way to go.

Mm. I forget the scripture that says, um, that you'll hear the voice behind you telling. This is the way you should go. It's I think it's in the old Testament, but God is always wanting to tell us. Yeah. And he wants to guide us. And what prayer does is it gives us the third ear, the third ear. That's something that I've learned in my training, where, um, at couples who learn to listen for the feelings beneath the words have a third ear.

Mm-hmm we got two ears, right? You got two ears, one mouth, which means you're supposed to listen twice, as much as you. That that's a principle of, of marriage already right there. But then when you spend time praying for your spouse and with your spouse and your family, what God does is comes in and gives you that third ear where you can begin to hear the voice of the spirit saying, Hey, this is, this is the way you should go.

Mm. Like, I, I think this is the direction you need to go now. Why is that? Because in a marriage, God, isn't just your father. He's your father in. As your father-in-law, he knows things about his son or daughter whom you're married to, that you don't know. And he'll tell you what you need to know, but you have to listen to him.

Yeah. So good. You know, it's like, um, the, the fan motor on our refrigerator. Have you ever heard our fan motor tour? Yeah. At night when it's really quiet. There you go. See, you got it. If, if listening to the fan motor on your refrigerator is an important thing and, and for some crazy way, shape or form, the fan motor was able to communicate messages to you on what you could do to.

Bring your spouse, a more fulfilling life and, and have a better relationship. Then you would send the party revelers home and you'd tell everybody to be quiet and you would get down really low on your hands and knees and listen to the fan motor. The holy spirit kind of works the same way. You, you, you don't wanna listen in a crowd.

You need to get alone, spend time with the Lord praying, and he'll begin to download things to you that will help you in your marriage. And, and it'll give you that third ear where now you're listening and you're able to discern feelings beneath the words that are coming out of your spouse's mouth and it will draw you close.

Yeah. That's so. So that's why I think spending time, uh, praying, um, on, well, let me give you three aspects of prayer, because I think this is really important. Um, the three aspects of prayer, you need to pray alone. You need to pray together and you need to pray all day. You gotta pray alone, pray together, pray all day.

Um, praying alone is what gives you that. Opportunity where you can listen to God, say certain things to you about your marriage. Now we're talking marriage here. I'm not really going much further in prayer than how it affects your relationship, but spending time in listening prayer, that's something that we've done in our business.

Um, if you ever read our book, me and my brother David's book, uh, expert ownership, we talk all about listening, prayer and how we, we have listening prayer as page two of our two page business. Page one has all the stuff that a normal one page business plan would have on it. But page two is listening prayer where you write down bullet points of what the Lord has been speaking to you in that, in that previous week, uh, through your prayer life about our business.

And I'm telling you, I built all of my businesses and Tori and I have built our businesses on the, on this, on the back of biblical principle and listening prayer. Yep. Those two things going together. And the beauty of reading the Bible, uh, as you're doing praying, as you're incorporating prayer into your life and into your marriage, is that God will begin to bring scriptures back to you.

That will help you in that moment of need. Right. He's just so good with that. So, and we should add that listening prayer completely changed our marriage. That was the very beginning of a, of everything for us of a huge shift. Yeah. When you were, you know, asked you were in listening prayer about your business, and God said, Direct your eyes towards her who was sleeping in the bed you were, and that changed everything.

Mm. As you began to ask. Okay, well, what, what does that look like? What are you saying? What do you want me to do? And he began to speak and that changed everything. And that was yeah. Over 15, no, 17 years ago. Yeah. Um, in our book, beauty and battle, we have a chapter title living the dream. You gotta read that chapter because then you'll see.

What Tori is saying is exactly true. I was up early in the morning. Um, always doing listening, prayer for my business. Like what I just told you. And then one morning, God basically said, why don't you start praying for Tori? Like you're praying for your business. I mean, I always prayed for to, but, but maybe not.

I was going after this business thing. And really incorporating listening prayer. So I did, and then the Lord convicted me that I was pursuing business more than I was pursuing her. And God gave me a three step plan to get her back. And, and it was based in revelation two and I did those things and God literally changed our marriage and transformed it.

And it's why we have a marriage podcast today and wrote a book and did all sorts of stuff. Because of that. Yeah, we wouldn't, we would not be doing this right now. If God didn't arrest my spirit in listening prayer. And I love the thought though, that God is my father. He knew things about me that I didn't know.

So he knew that I was pursuing a career, which a lot of dudes do, uh, and no longer my wife. Because I had already accomplished mm-hmm , you know, my wife, I had already accomplished it. We had already gotten married and so engagement ended and I do, instead of getting kicked into high gear that's God is my father.

So he, he convicted me of that as my dad. But then God is also my father-in-law mm-hmm . So he knew things about Tori that she needed, that he knew stuff going on inside of her that needed me. And so he downloaded a little playbook to me on how to get her back, um, because he is my father in. Yeah. And the greatest thing that you can do for your father-in-law is to love his son or daughter.

And, but listening, prayer got me to that point. So the three aspects of prayer, the first is praying alone. This is where you spend time in that listening prayer by yourself. Okay. Your spouse is not a part of this. You've got to have a vibrant prayer life by yourself. And, and when you're praying by yourself, do these three things.

There's three things I wanna give you. And I got 'em from Andy Stanley and I love him so much. I do. 'em every single, every single, every single morning. Three things acknowledge God's sovereignty, declare your dependency, surrender your will. Those three things I'll give 'em to you. Again, acknowledge God's sovereignty, declare your dependency and surrender your will.

If you do those three things and you go through that where you are, God, you're sovereign, you are king. You are Lord. You know, especially if you're outside under the stars, whatever it's like, you're recognizing God's sovereignty. Now declare your dependency. Lord, I rely on. I need you, my heart beats at your command.

Every breath that I take is a gift from you. Like you're declaring your dependency and finally surrendering your will. God. Here are the things that I'm gonna ask you to do, but I don't want you to do these things unless they're your will. So you do your will and then let my will line up with your will so that I'm asking you for the right things.

Those are the things you're doing. Wow. As you pray alone, um, when you just. God you are sovereign. I just was taken back to over a year ago. Um, when our good friend Graham Harrison, Harrison passed away in our neighborhood, a friend of Jason's from college and he, he, I dunno, he was how old was Graham? He was 40, uh, five, I think, 40, 47, um, with a wife and three small children.

The oldest, I think. 12 at the time. And we got the call and we ran down the street where there was, you know, just, uh, chaos. Really? Yeah. And I'll never forget seeing his oldest daughter standing on the side of the, by the side of the house by herself. And I just ran up to her. She didn't know if you know he was gone or what all she knew is that he had collapsed and I'll never forget what she said to me.

She said, but God is sovereign. And I mean, from a 12 year old, yeah, I was completely taken back. Yeah. And it was like the Lord, the holy spirit in that moment was whispering to this little girl. I mean, there's just no way that she could come up with that on her own that she had been taught that from her, her dad who was now.

She didn't know if it was dead or alive. Mm-hmm and that was the hope that she was holding onto. That was her comfort in that moment. But God is sovereign. God is sovereign. She just kept saying that. Yeah. And, uh, I'll just, whenever I hear the word sovereign, I will always remember that because this little girl was just holding on to that hope that whatever happens, God is sovereign.

Yeah. And I love that, that, uh, Graham. And we were all standing out there in the front yard. And, and when she said that up, Tori hurt her first, but lots of us had hurt her cuz she said it over and over for all of us to hear, you know, her dad's getting pulled out on a stretcher, in a body bag out of their house and we watched it and she's like, well, God is sovereign and she's crying, you know?

And, and wow. Tori's exactly right. I didn't think of that whenever I said that, but now that I do at that, yeah. I don't think I'll ever hear that word ever without hearing. Emma's voice. Yes. And her dad taught her that. Yeah. Yeah. Her dad and mom mm-hmm , you know, so Bravo to them. But now when we are, when we are acknowledging God's sovereignty, we're declaring our dependency and we're surrendering our will.

That puts us in the individual state that we need to be in, in order for us to be the most powerful person that we can be in a marriage. Mm. You know, before oneness. There has to be twoness, which means you and your spouse need to be able to operate independently on your own, fully functioning, in a relationship with God, apart from your spouse.

Yeah. Then two people like that can come together in oneness with a power that you can't have. If you guys are codependent on each other. Yeah. That's so good. Husband. If you need your wife in order for you to experience the full expression of your spirituality, that's a problem. Now God wants you together with your wife, for sure.

But you be able, you have to be able to handle things on your own. You've gotta have your own prayer life. You've gotta have your own devotion time. You gotta have your own relationship with the Lord. So that's praying alone. That's the first aspect of prayer. The second ASTE aspect of prayer. Is praying together.

Now the beauty of this is that it gives you power. Yeah. It gives you added power. Mm. I mean, praying brings you power when you're praying alone. But when you're praying together, there's added power. There's exponential power. You know, the Bible, the principle is one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put 10,000, right?

It's 10 X. Yeah. It's not two X. You would think one can put a thousand. If flight two can put 2000, no 10,000, because there's a principle in the scripture that says where two or more are gather. In my name mm-hmm there I am. So you and your spouse together are the most organic form of church. I love that where two or more are gathered.

So you and your spouse together praying, holding hands. Yeah. Hold hands. When you pray, you don't always have to Tori and I pray a lot of times when we're walking around the block, we'll hold hands sometimes. And sometimes we're not, you know, sometimes it's a hundred degrees outside. My hand's sweaty and I don't want to have a hand it's jerking away from me.

yeah. But so that's the most organic form of church. And there's a scripture in Matthew 16. It says the gates of hell will not prevail against what the church, the church. So you and your spouse coming together to pray makes you church. I think so many of us have heard scriptures our whole life. I know for me, I, I heard that scripture over and over and over again, and sometimes you just kind of need to hear it in a new way.

Yeah. And that's what I love, um, reading the passion version because it. Some of those verses that I've heard over and over and maybe have gotten to a habit of, of almost becoming numb to them because they're memorized mm-hmm and I, you know, like you just need to hear them in a new way. So I'm gonna read Matthew 18.

Um, It's 18, 19, right? Yep. From the passion it says, again, I give you an eternal truth. If two of you agree to ask God for something in a symphony of prayer, my heavenly father will do it for you for wherever two or three, come together in honor of my name. I am right there with them. Wow. I love that. I'm right there with them.

Like who, who of us do not want that? so when you come together and. Then you will experience, uh, the three part marriage. Yeah. That we talked about, the three person marriage, excuse me. Where it's the husband. Wife. God. Yeah, those three. Um, and it's funny, you said there's a part of that verse that said, um, your heavenly father will do it for you.

Is that what it said? Mm-hmm, , uh, it reminds me of a prayer that Lundy was praying when she was, I think three or four. Oh yeah. And we actually recorded her. you know, she, oh, she's, so's always passionate a special call in her life, but she's the one that you guys all been praying for. And thank you guys for that for, uh, for her eye injury that she had, by the way, she's doing fantastic.

We'll uh, post some pictures on social media at some point, um, keep praying for her double vision. She's back, she's back to playing volleyball and she's doing so well. So many people asking about lending. She thank you guys so much for your prayers. She really is doing really well. I should give a quick update cause I, so many people have asked, um, she's doing great.

She's. Um, in school and she did not want us to, um, make a big deal about the double vision to her teacher. She asked us not to come up with a plan that she wanted to figure it out on her own, which is if you know, Lundy, you know, um, this is typical Lundy. So anyway, she went to school, she figured it out.

She is. Able to read, she's able to write, she can hold God is so good. She's able to hold her head in this one little angle when she's looking down where she can see clearly. And that's how she does it. Of course, we are praying and believing for complete healing. We don't want her to have to. Strain to look, uh, or to read and to write.

And obviously that can become exhausting, but she's doing fine. Yeah. She's figuring it out. Um, and, uh, she's back to playing volleyball. Yep. Um, no problems there. Uh, I'm just telling you God, God is made away. Yes, she is still seeing double looking down, but she's really. She's not struggling like she's doing, she's doing really well.

And talk about the power of prayer. Um, just like we commented on, uh, Graham Harrison's 12 year old daughter who was praying when she was going through the, the toughest time of her life. Lund was the same thing. Mm-hmm she, she prayed and worshiped. We would see Lundy, literally praying. Like eyes closed and she's just praying, moving her mouth, you know, while we're wheeling her in to the, yeah.

To the, you know, hospital and stuff and, and she's worshiping the Lord. So, but she really taught us so much about the power of prayer during that season of the day before her surgery, we heard her in the, the bathroom just crying. I don't wanna have surgery. This is so stupid. Yeah. Like she was just letting it all out.

Like. I don't wanna do this. Like, I, she was really, really praying that God would miraculously heal her eye. And that when that appointment that we went to, she was just believing that the doctors were gonna say, oh, you don't need the surgery. Yeah. And so it was, it was a big, it was really tough for, on her to have to.

To face surgery. And so she was so upset about it and she's crying and, and yelling out to the Lord, like, I don't wanna do this. And then you are worthy. She singing, you are worthy of all, but that's the Psalms. Oh. Was just that, that's what all the Psalms are like. Yeah. And Jason and I are like, okay, We, we, this is, I need to do that.

Yeah. like, let it out. But then it's exactly what David, um, modeled. Yeah. His Psalms, he let it out. Yep. And then he just let it go. Let it go. And he turned to, he turned to worship. Yep. Which is a great, and it was just amazing to see how God empowered Lendy to do the hard thing in front of. Power of worship.

So let it out and then move F move forward. Yeah. Pivot forward and pivot, you know, and the reason why I brought L up is because in that scripture, it said, you know, when you're praying together, God will, will do it for you. Like, he'll start doing the things oh yeah. That you pray about. And L's prayer when she was about three she's sitting there praying and she's like, and Lord.

You don't have to do anything because we'll do it for you. I had to work on her theology a little bit, but I think the Lord looked down and just appreciated that type of zeal. Yeah. Like I got this for you. God, God wait, you don't have to do anything. Let me do it for you. okay. So, so we're in the three aspects of prayer.

That's that's about praying together. So you wanna pray alone. You wanna pray together. And then the third aspect of prayer is the pray. All. This is being in an attitude of prayer, where you get up from your alone time. You, you move on from your praying together time, and then you just never stop the conversation.

You're always in an open conversation with God, you know, where you are spending time. Uh, your, your mind is naturally attuned to where is God? What is he doing? What do you want to say about this? Uh, and, and so here's something that I would just for, for you specifically as we wrap this. When you're praying all day, when you're in a mindset of prayer, in an attitude of prayer, ask God what you can do for your spouse.

Mm-hmm just ask him every single day. Yeah. God, what can I do? What can I do for Tori today? You know, what can I do for Jason today? What would you have me do? Cuz remember God, he's not just your father. He's your father-in-law and he wants you to hook. His son or daughter, he wants you to do nice things. If you think like this, and you say, God, what would you, what could I do for Tori today?

Special? You know, how could I help her out in some way? Trust me, you'll get an idea. You'll get tons of ideas. Yeah. True. Now, activate mm-hmm then activate that's the beauty of prayer. So as we started praying together gives you a 90% more chance of you guys enjoying your physical intimacy. God looks down and he says, Hey, I'm glad you guys are praying together.

I'm glad you're bringing me into this because the best marriages are between three people, not two people, husband, wife, God. And then he comes in and says, I'm gonna give you a powerful, powerful experience together that you'll never have apart from prayer. I love that. That's so good. So that's it. Um, let me say this real quick, too.

Last week we had, uh, Eric and Rachel Beck on our podcast and that was our second time to have them, but there are so many people that really enjoy our conversations with them that we decided, Hey, you know what, maybe we'll make them a little bit of a regular visitor. So they're gonna be back with us next week.

Um, yep. Talking about some, some really good stuff, but before we go, Tori, she is going to end with. A new, our favorite, our favorite, uh, meal of the week. Oh yeah. Um, let me just say for those of you who listened last week for, uh, uh, to Rachel Beck, share her Buffalo tacos, you can go to Rachel Beck, and find those that recipe.

You'll see that Rachel Beck link in the show notes. And she's got that amazing Buffalo taco recipe there. And then, okay, so now we're gonna talk about our favorite meal this week. Okay. Which one was it?

Well, I know what my favorite one was. Think about it. I don't remember what I. But I do know that, um, you made me your famous chocolate chip cookies. Yes. Ranger cookies. The, the kind that doesn't raise my glycemic glycemic index. Yes. So yeah, that's a dessert. Oh, wait, wait, wait, did you make wings? Yes, I did.

Yeah. Okay. How do you forget these things, babe? Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I made that. They're amazing. Yep. So my grandmother and I called her Bobby. Um, B O B B I E. glad you spelled it. well, everyone has to see it. I'm a visual person. Don't put two O's in there. Cause that wouldn't be, right's not, not like Bobby, like the boy Bobby.

Yeah. Um, but anyways, she was a phenomenal cook. I learned a lot from her. I remember when we first got married, she flew down to teach me some of her, um, cooking tricks. Yes. And it was just such a gift. To me, she's passed away now. And I, my, some of my favorite recipes are the ones that Bobby taught me and this one is from her and she made them every Christmas Eve.

Yeah. Every Christmas Eve. And let me just say, I'm a wing guy, so I know what good wings are. And when I say that my wife's homemade wings are the best wings I've ever had in my. I'm not joking. Like you legit need to do it, especially if you can crisp 'em up right there at the end. Yeah. Are you gonna tell you gonna tell us?

I am. Um, okay, so they're hot wings. I'm not gonna tell you. I'll I'll are you I'll show I'll uh, give you guys the recipe through Jason and Tori Instagram, but, um, they're so good. They're honestly so easy and they're so healthy. Like they're not fried. Yeah. Um, they don't have anything really bad in them.

They're just, you can get organic wings. Yeah. Don't don't get the. The cheap wings. You gotta go get the good organic, you can get it free or whatever one from, uh, Costco. Yeah. That's the best price on organic wings or trader Joe's honestly has some decent ones too in the frozen aisle. Um, but anyways, uh, they are so good with ranch dressing.

I actually made my own ranch dressing. So are you gonna give that I've not perfected? No. Cuz I still have not perfected a good restaurant style. Healthy. Ranch dressing. And so are, but was there, was there garlic in that ranch dressing? Yes, there was. Okay. You know, with Gar, was that a little too much, a little bit goes a long way.

so it's just, you know, caveat. If, if you know, it's been a while, since you guys have been together or whatever you and your husband don't give him that ranch dressing before that, because that'll stick, stick, slow down on the ranch, ranch, stick with him for a while. um, you might not wanna go close to him.

Yeah. We have this restaurant, um, off the, or, um, off the grill, fresh off the grill is actually what it's. The best ranch dressing. And so my go-to is to pick up a, a pint, maybe even a quart of that ranch dressing when we do wings, but I'm, I'm really trying to figure out a healthy one cuz I wanna use, um, you know, the avocado mayonnaise instead of yeah.

The canola oil. Yeah. Mayonnaise. So anyways, but I am gonna share, uh, Wing recipe with you guys because it is amazing. Everybody loves it. Trey came home, uh, last week just for a couple days and, uh, had to make it for him. That's great. So that's perfect. I can't wait for, did you know what else we had? I want you to make it, do you know what else we had salad with?

Um, sourdough. Croutons. Oh yeah, you guys, we're doing everything sourdough, like. We're all there. Sourdough pizza, sourdough. Crouton I'm like, I'm like, Hey, to this crew, this, uh, sourdough bread has been on our counter for three weeks. Now. She's like, wait, I'll make croutons. I'm like, we're gonna die. it's gonna be poison, you know, on, um, uh, For his Gump when he like everything, shrimp, everything.

Is it? Oh yeah. I feel like we're that with sourdough? Oh yeah. It is sourdough. Everything. Sourdough. Everything. Yeah. Okay. Hey, thanks for hanging out with us. Talking about the power of prayer. Don't forget. Rate, review, subscribe. And, uh, aren't you guys glad we're not doing the, would you rather? I didn't like those.

I mean, you know, it, it was kind of fun. Your food, your food stuff is pretty big deal. I think everybody is a lot more like us than we thought. Babe's true. A lot of people love food, food. food. Love it. If you, uh, wanna hang out with us at any point, go to beauty and You can see what we're up to or stick with us on Jason and Toi.

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