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Fighting Familiarity

August 30, 2022 Jason Benham, Tori Benham Episode 35
Beauty in Battle Podcast
Fighting Familiarity
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We've all heard that familiarity breeds contempt.  But is that true?

In today's episode, we'll show you a different side of familiarity and how it can help you and hurt you at the same time, and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Based on a small verse tucked away in Psalms 71, we'll look at the one thing you need to do in order to keep your relational pursuit vibrant.

And, if you hang around, you'll discover how the Roman Colleseum can teach us a thing or two about marriage!

Hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we liked making it!

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We're talking about fighting familiarity. And I'm really glad that I was able to say that word without really screwing it up. Familiarity. Can you say that? I can't, sorry to put you on the spot familiarity fighting familiarity. I mean, we all know what it feels like you're married and then 10 years later you just, you know, each other so well, and you're kind of onto other things.

Yeah. You still love each other. Yeah. You're still good friends and yeah. And all that stuff. Yeah. But maybe your marriage is simmered to a five or a six or maybe even a seven. But you can get to a 10 and there's a way to do it. And that's what we're gonna talk about today. I'm excited. I'm excited, but I'm really excited about the joke you need to tell to start this thing off.

Okay. Is a really good one coming from Rachel Thompson. Rachel Thompson. Good job, Rachel. Okay. A, a Spanish musician. I can't say that either. magician I love it. His Spanish magician told everyone he would disappear. He said UN. Dose and he disappeared without a trace oh, I love it. Good job. The Spanish magician, Spanish, Spanish magician a little bit.

Well, see, it is hard to say it's a tongue twister. You sounded kind of weird too. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Feel better now. Okay. So one joke today, or you got two? Nope. We're gonna stick with one. We're gonna stick with one. All right. And, um, I know that some of you are actually putting into practice, the food that Tori is talking about, and that she's put onto our Jason and Tori social media.

We got some pictures of you guys making the meal and yours look better than mine. I'm like, what do they do? Different. They look so good. Presentation was intense. Yeah, I got, I got a text from somebody shot me a picture and, and I sent it over to Tori and I was like, wow, this looks really good in, um, one of 'em was bone in bone in chicken thighs, chicken thighs.

I was like, oh, I bet that's even better. Just gotta cook it longer. Yeah. So anyway, and then Tori just got done making these, this sour dough stuff. Crouton. I don't know what it is. Parmesan. I don't know. We're talking about food at the end. Remember? Oh, that's right. Okay. Yeah, let's do that. You messed it up our order.

Sorry. I'm hungry. I know. Okay. I understand. I actually ate some of those croutons, uh, right before this podcast and I got this crazy aftertaste. Yeah. They're pretty garlicy Pagani, no smooching for, to, and I, okay. Let's jump right in fight. Uh, fighting familiarity. Now we've all heard the phrase. Familiarity breeds contempt.

Mm, right. Yep. But then let's really think about that. Does familiarity really breed contempt? Well, we're gonna start defining some things, but think about, uh, Christ in his hometown, when he went and his hometown, they were just too familiar with him. Right. And they're like, uh, we know you you're like the carpenter dude.

You know, the stone Mason, right? Uh, we've seen you work. We've, we've watched you walk to work with all your work buddies and walk home all dirty and nasty. You actually even fixed the, the, uh, the foundation on my mom's porch and we paid you pretty good. Couple drop me to do it. So I there's no way you can also be the Messiah.

Yeah. It's almost. We know you. Yeah. like, I don't like, we don't need to know you anymore. Yeah. Like we already know you enough. Right. You're not the Messiah. And so, because Christ's hometown was too familiar with him, um, what did they lose out on the power and the presence of the almighty God, right.

Healing. Yeah. Right. They talk about their, that they, they weren't, there was no healings in that area. Yeah. Everything healings. Yeah. Casting out demons. Um, powerful sermons that help people understand scripture. It's just crazy. I, I, I really wanna look at this in terms of our relationship with our spouse, because think about that.

How long have you been married or how long, you know, have you been dating? You know, if you, if you're not married yet, we gotta be really careful that familiarity doesn't creep in and start doing its evil work. Yeah. But let me, um, let me just start out with some definitions. Can I do that? I love definitions.

okay. So familiarity. So I, I started off with a question. Does familiarity really breed contempt? So let's think about this familiarity. I, I look this up and these are the top three definitions of familiarity. Okay. Close acquaintance with or knowledge of something. Hmm. That's good, right? Yeah. In terms of relationship.

All right. Uh, number two, familiarity. The quality of being well known recognizability based on long or close Associa. That's pretty good. Yeah, that is good. That's really good. Uh, the third, the third definition, relaxed friendliness or intimacy between people. Hmm. So those were the top three definitions of familiarity.

I know some people would define it, maybe a little bit of different, uh, different ways, but I'm, I'm going off dictionary, dad freaking calm. so if that's true, then shouldn't we want famili familiarity in our relationships then? Yeah, no, like right. Cuz it's like comfort. So, so you're on it. So here we go to, and here you go, gang.

I didn't even show Tori some of my notes. Tori's so good. She doesn't even need notes for these things, but listen. So Tori kind of jumped the gun, but it's actually exactly where I'm going. Familiarity can lead to contempt when comfort is experienced apart from conquest. Hmm. Now that's a mouthful. It is.

I'm gonna have to say it again. I'm gonna say it again. And then you know what to, I'm also gonna bring some definitions. Cool. Is this a bad time to say that I'm really glad that the crouton that was stuck in your tooth just got loosened. it's gone now. Yes, I was about to like, why didn't you tell me that earlier it went away on its own and I'm just really glad it did, cuz I hate you.

Sorry. Not really. I don't hate you. Okay. Um, so familiarity can lead to contempt when comfort is experienced apart from conquest. So the aspects of familiarity that I just read to you, the definitions, we want that in our relationship, we want to feel comfortable with each other. Yeah. But we don't want it to lead to contempt.

Well, how would it lead to contempt? Well, there's this little thing called conquest that if you're comfortable without conquest, then it can lead to contempt. Now let me stop real quick. Before you get too confused and I'm gonna start defining things and then. Totally know where I'm going with this. Okay.

Contempt. The feeling that a person or thing is beneath consideration worthless or deserving score. Hmm. So that's that you, you kind of see that in, in three different levels here, contempt first they're beneath consideration that it's like, uh, you know, I really don't have to pay attention to you cuz I'm paying attention to this thing over here.

So it's like you're beneath consideration then moves into like devaluing. Yeah. And then it moves into, um, the, the feeling that the person is actually worthless. Like, I'm doing this thing over here. I don't really need you right now. So even if you don't think your spouse is worthless, you may treat them as if they're worthless, because you're doing something else it's more important than them.

So it's a deprioritizing. Um, and then the third facet of contempt is deserving. SCO that's when you actually start finding that, you're thinking negative thoughts towards your. And contempt is when you're thinking negative thoughts towards your spouse. And one of the first things that you do is when you say something like my spouse always does this, I don't do that.

And you start comparing. Yeah. It's like, well, they do this, but I don't do that. They treat me this way, but I don't treat them that way. Mm-hmm well, then, you know, you've got some contemptuous thoughts going on, right. But it starts with just simply beneath consideration. Now, now pause for a second. That's that's what contempt means that, that there's that overall feeling that someone is beneath consideration worthless or even discerning deserving scorn.

Um, Christ's hometown looked at, looked at him with contemp. That he wasn't, that he was beneath consideration. Like we're not even gonna consider you for the Messiah. Right? Like it's not even, not even a part of our game. We might consider John the Baptist maybe, cuz we don't know him. Right. But we wouldn't consider you because we know you you're just a carpenter you're Joseph's son.

Yeah. And we know you. Yeah. And, and so, so that's contempt, but now follow me here. The definition of comfort, a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or co. So that's actually good in relationship, right? Right. You wanna feel comfort safety? Yeah. You wanna feel comfortable? Mm-hmm but now follow me on this conquest, the act or process of conquering.

Hmm. The act or process of conquering. Here's the problem. Comfort apart from conquest can lead to contempt because just think about this even happened with Tori and I in our own relationship first, you know, when we're dating, I mean, I am going after her heart. Mm-hmm I. I'm in the process of, of conquering.

Yeah. I want to conquer, I want to win her heart. Okay. And then we say I do mm-hmm and what typically happens when you say I do is the engagement's over? Yeah. Like the engagement's over now you start the marriage Toya and I don't believe that anymore. When you say I do the, engagement's actually supposed to kick into high gear.

Right. And in our case, in many other cases that we're now hearing. Often is that, that, that shifted the con conqueror conquer career. That's right. That's exactly where I'm going. Because now that now the, the focus shifts from conquering your spouse yeah. To conquering career, this is what happened to me.

Right. And that's how , that's how the Lord had to get ahold of me. If you haven't read our book, beauty and battle, and, and you go read, I forget which chapter it. But about a crazy dream living the dream. You've got to read that chapter. The Lord got a hold of me and basically told me that I was living my life and my relationship with Tori as if I had already conquered her mm-hmm and therefore I was considering my job more valuable than her, which made her feel a little worthless that's contempt.

Mm-hmm okay. That's just the beginning of contempt, but here's what we need to do to, we need to approach our relat. Like we're climbing Mount Everest. Mm. But we never reach the top ever. I like it. You never reach the top. You simply grow comfortable with the process of climbing the mountain. I don't know if I like that analogy.

Why not? Because it's hard. Well, because you, your, your goal, you have a goal that you never meet. That's a little tough to wrap my mind around. Well, but you're, you're constantly climbing the top and you're getting comfortable with the process. Yeah. Yeah. It's that we're you're, you know, I guess we can kind of look at that as we're climbing it together.

Yeah. How about that? But there's gotta be reward. There's gotta be right. Like there you're always, it's not that you're. You're not achieving award around mm-hmm along the way. Yeah. I think it's important to, to always keep that in mind because otherwise you lose the motivation. Yeah. Well, and one of the rewards is as you're climbing, you can always just turn around and look around mm-hmm and then you're seeing so much more than you could see the day before as you're continuing.

I think, I think I see where you're going though. I think that, that, you know, my dad used to always. The destination is marvelous, but the joy is in the journey. Yes. That's exactly where we're going. That's that's yeah. So in that, in that regard, it's looking at it that way. It's looking at that, the, the beauty of the journey.

Yeah. And that you it's like in our nature to think that there's an end point. Yeah. And there's like a destination, but really. There's so much beauty and, and if you really, if you really understand it correctly and, and you, oh, sorry. No, you're good. Um, that the joy really truly is the journey. Yeah. And you just think about this people's relationship with the Lord.

Like I've talked to folks before, um, in the past, especially like when I was with athletes in action, after my sophomore year of college, big bunch of us went out and we'd travel the, the world, basically telling people about Jesus and playing baseball. And there were a number of guys that I would talk to after a game.

And they were like, oh yeah, yeah, I was, I was raised, I was raised a Christian mm-hmm I was raised in the church. And my first question would be, I get that, but where's your relationship now? Yeah. And I would say that and they're like, well, I mean, I was raised, I mean, gosh, my dad took me to church all the time.

Right. So, but they, they were looking at this Christian thing as, oh yeah, I did. now I'm on to trying to play professional baseball. Now I'm on to trying to play college baseball. So they kind of saw their relationship with the Lord as something that they've already conquered. Yeah. It's the same thing that we do in marriage and we don't even realize it.

Yeah. That's so interesting. And even just now, like, as you're, you're, you're just talking this through with me and how my natural reaction was like yeah. But then you never arrive and you never receive the reward. It's like such a paradigm shift. Like no, no, no. The, the joy yeah. Was the journey all along.

you know, but I think in marriage, it's the same way. We're like, well, I I'm never making it. We never get to the top. This is so demotivating. Forget it. I'm just gonna give up. We never arrive. Yeah. But as you, as you begin to release that and do what you're saying, you experience contentment and joy. Yeah.

Along the way. You'll get it after I give this, uh, little analogy here in just a second, but before I do that, I do wanna say. We are made in God's image. Every human being is made in God's image. So your spouse is made in God's image. Now, no matter how powerful a telescope, we can never get to the outer limits of the galaxies and universes out there.

Right? Like there's just so many gala, like we just keep getting to the, you can't get to the end of it. No matter how powerful the telescope and no matter how powerful the microscope, we can't keep, we can't get to the bottom of how our cells continue to break apart and break down and, and all of the stuff it's like it's infinity and in and eternity that we can't get to a point where, oh yeah, I know God, right.

Well, no, no you, yeah. You've met God, you know, God, but you can know more about him. And as you journey to know more about him, you grow to love him more. Yeah, exactly. You never arrive ever, ever, ever until you die. Right. Then you'll know him in full and the more you get. Yeah. It's it's I mean, like the more we get of God, obviously we begin to, to see things we never saw before we begin to walk in freedom that we never even knew possible.

We begin to live with contentment and joy. Like we never knew yeah. Was accessible. Right. But there's always more, there's always more, this is so important, especially for men. I mean, wives, if you're listening to this and, and, uh, you're like, oh, I wish my husband would really listen to this and he's gotta listen to this part just fast forward to this part, because if we experience comfort with our spouse, apart from conquest, it can lead to contempt.

Why? Because if we don't see our relationship, like we're climbing Mount Everest, then when we reach the top. We'll start looking for other peaks to summit. Wow. Yeah. It's like, oh yeah, we got, we're married. Yeah. Conquered that. Now let me go conquer my career. And the next thing you know, you're not pursuing your wife, like you're pursuing some other career.

You're literally climbing the mountain of success in business or whatever. And your wife's on a different mountain. All together and you've left her, you know, and it might be the reverse as well. The wife climbing the ladder of, you know, now we've got influencer culture. Mm-hmm, where you wanna be famous on TikTok or Instagram or whatever the heck it is.

Yeah. And your husband's at home. Right. You know, or you're really crushing it in business. And you're finally starting to make money and, and your husband is at home and now you're conquering this thing. And the next thing you know, you guys are on different mountains together. Yeah. So we have to see our relationship in terms of conquest, which is the process.

Of conquering. Mm. You don't really ever arrive cuz you don't wanna conquer. Right. Your relationship. You want to be conquer, which is I wanna, I wanna continue to know you. Yeah. Because Tory's made in God's image. You always say, um, if you, what is, what is the, if your cop is not sweet, what is the, what? The, the, if God made your cup sweet.

Drink it with grace. No, no, not that one. The contentment. Oh, um, on your way to your sweet spot, make your current spot sweet with contentment, with contentment. Yeah, Uhhuh . I love that. And we talked, we talk about our, to that, to our kids all the time. And we see this in our kids all the time that you know them just kind of complaining about where they are.

In the season of life, like, yeah, I remember before one of ours went to school, went to college, it was like, I just can't wait to get to college. Then everything is gonna be amazing if I can, I just need to get to college, you know? Yeah. Yeah. And we're like, if you can't, if you can't find joy where you are, I promise you, you're not gonna find joy then.

Yeah. You have to practice. Yeah, contentment. That's true because it's, it's, you know, the grass is always greener on their side and then we see it. We just see it with our kids all the time. They're like, you know, once, once this is over, mm-hmm, , it's gonna be so much easier once. And we're like, you do realize that you've got to learn contentment where you are.

You'll never will be content. I know. Well, and just think about this in Psalm 71, um, verse 17, uh, king David is writing the P. And it's so good. Psalm 71 17. He says this, oh God, you have taught me from my youth. So stop there basically saying I've known you a long time. Yeah. Long time. This, if this were a husband writing about his wife, he'd be saying we've been married for 50 years.

Yeah. And then the next part of that verse, he says, and I still declare your wondrous deeds. Now that word for I still the Hebrew. Is ad henna. It means I still, but this particular phrase that David wrote has a little word in front of called VA ad henna. And the VA is like exclamation point exclamation point.

I still exclamation point exclamation point all caps. Like he it's screen caps in Hebrew, they would read this and they know that David is. I still declare your wonders, deeds. Like he's making it a point that people understand that at this point, you stand up and say, you are still just as awesome to me.

Now, as you were, when we first met, he was still all in awe of God after all those years. Yeah, because he realized God's God's good deeds don't stop. They're never ending. He was on a conquest to know God more. So, uh, here's the analogy I wanted to give. You remember when you and I went to Rome and we stopped by the Coliseum.

Oh, I remember. I mean, you know, the Coliseum, that's like one of the, isn't it, one of the wonders of the world or whatever. Amazing. I don't know. Absolutely amazing. Beautiful. But the Coliseum in Rome and, and actually all the sites for that matter, um, all the tourists mm-hmm I mean, Rome is filled with tourists.

Yes. So if you're gonna go to Rome, don't stay long. yeah. Don't stay long. It's beautiful. Go somewhere a little bit more quiet. Yeah. Tori and I wanna go to the mall coast. So if somebody, uh, wants to pay for a trip, then we'll go with you. Otherwise I'm paying for ourselves. But anyway, so Rome, it's got the, um, the, the Coliseum and Tori and I were in awe of it.

I mean, you're, cuz we we've seen these pictures. We obviously watch gladiator. Mm-hmm that's a different Coliseum, but still mm-hmm and then we're thinking, you know, the apostle Paul. Knew about this, you know, saw this Coliseum and all of this kind of stuff. So we're looking at it and we're in awe of it.

And we're walking around. And what we notice though, is that all the natives, the native Italian people, they don't think a thing of it. Mm-hmm , I mean, you got restaurants around there, the servers aren't looking at it. It's no big deal. Yeah. They're not, they're just so used to it. Right. They're so familiar with it.

They pass by and they're probably just frustrated at all the traffic mm-hmm um, that, that's where I that's where. Phrase comfort apart from conquest leads to contempt. Like for them, they're like, yeah, I know I live here. I've already seen the co Coliseum I've been in there two or three times, like, right.

It's not that big of a deal. Okay, good. Now I'm off doing my thing. But imagine if one of the locals decided, because this is what Tori and I found when we were inside the Coliseum, they have columns there. The ones that are literally, you know, hundreds and hundreds of years old, where people wrote their.

They wrote the date that they visited and their college or high school name next to it in the Coliseum. Oh, wow. And I remember taking a big pic, a picture of somebody written in real big letters, Texas a and M. Oh yeah. I remember that you sent it to, I took a picture and sent it to will bride Stein. I'm like, well, cuz will went to Texas a and M he's naggy.

And, and I remember sending it to him, but I, I was looking around and I saw all these names. And then when I backed up and I looked at all the. The columns, although they looked just straight stone, they had writing all over 'em. Hmm. Now imagine if one of the native Italian people said, I'm going to go and I'm gonna look up every person that wrote their name on these columns and, and what school they went to.

I'm gonna take a picture of it. I'm gonna get it framed. And I'm gonna, I'm gonna track them down. I'm gonna send it to them. Yeah. Now all of a sudden. That native, that could be so familiar with the Coliseum. Now he's got purpose. He's got something to conquer. Mm it's. Just constant. And you know what? Yeah.

He he'd work for decades and never get to all of it. Cuz there were, there had to have been over a million wow. Signatures there. And so that's what I'm going. Like they would never stop going and now it would put so much meaning and purpose. Into that Coliseum. Whereas before they had something to conquer before they had a, a, you know, some goal out there where they wanted to know more about the Coliseum, um, and they didn't have that, that, you know, they didn't have that desire to, to learn more about the Coliseum.

But now all of a sudden things are way different and they've got this purpose. That's what God wants us to do in our marriage. He wants us to be more like tourists with each other, like we're in constant discovery. Like, and, and when you're in constant discovery mode of your spouse, you're gonna be in awe of the wonders that you discover.

Yeah. So what are you gonna do to fight off familiarity? You're gonna think in terms of conquest, like what else can I know? Yeah. That's why listening to books together. Tori and I have have picked some marriage books. We're listening to a marriage book right now, and then we just start talking about stuff.

Next thing I know Tori's remembering some childhood memory that I never knew. Mm. I never, she never shared it. And it's just fun. It's fun to learn those things. It really is. I think it's just so important to, to stay curious about your spouse. Yeah. That's good. You know, it's so easy when, you know, you feel like you just know them and you just kind of get into the mundane of life.

And, but if you stay curious and you want, and you approach it, like we should be approaching the Lord, like I, there's more, there's more to you. I know there. I wanna, I wanna figure it out. Yeah. You know, that's how, that's our approach when we're dating. We're like, there's something super intriguing about this person.

I wanna know more. I wanna know how you tick. I wanna know how you think. Right. Then we get married and sometimes we just get so busy that we lose that curiosity. Yeah, that's good. But I just think it's so important that we just keep that curiosity alive. And I think it's, it's a beautiful thing. When you, when you draw close to your spouse.

Through curiosity. Yeah. And, and you don't just sit there with your spouse. Like if you. If you're at dinner or whatever, you just sit there with your spouse. And it's like, okay. So let's talk about things about each other that we don't know. I mean, that's very difficult. You're not gonna be able to do that.

Like, that's why it's important for you guys to be doing something together, be reading the same book together, be listening to the same podcast, whether right. You know, your husband could listen to it on the way to work and you can listen to it while you're at home. And then when you get back together, you're talking about what.

Learned right. You know, or, you know, for Tori, she, she's got some books that she's reading that I'm not reading and I've got a few things that I'm reading that she's not. But then when we come back together, we're talking about some of these things that she's learning and some of the things that I'm learning and that's like conversation starters, and next thing you know, we're talking about stuff and she's discovering more about herself and then she's telling me things and it's just, it's a really, really fun process.

Yeah. I think, uh, we should do another podcast on healthy habits because I think all those healthy habits should be. Turning you towards each other. And, um, keeping you curious if you want to hear a podcast on healthy habits. Can I get a woo woo. I didn't hear anything. okay. So comfort apart from conquest can lead to contempt.

Don't let that happen. Be in a constant state of conquest, which is the process of conquering you're moving toward it. And listen, one day when you. God gives you full, uh, relational openness with himself and with your spouse, which is just incredible to think that you, your relationship with spouse is gonna be E be even better.

Mm. And, uh, on, on that side of eternity, that's fun. But in the meantime, down here on earth, keep going. Yeah. Stay curious. Like what Tori said. So this week, I didn't come up with a favorite meal, came up with something else. Okay. Because this week, the entire week has been devoted to learning how to make sourdough.

Oh, you know this, I like this don't act surprised. Yeah. But I have to kind of act surprised you live with this, but I didn't know, you know, I didn't know. The whole week was devoted. Yeah. Pretty much it was. It. It was pretty much the whole week I was learning my sister-in-law Lori taught me. And, um, so pretty much for three days went over there for every step and she taught me and some other friends.

Yeah. And it was so fun and I'm really excited. Um, I was always super afraid of, of sourdough just because I've seen different people's recipes online and it seems so complicated. Mm-hmm , but this one's quite a bit more simple have not mastered it yet, so I won't share it until I kind of figure it out myself.

Nice. Um, but we're getting on the sourdough train, sourdough train. So supposedly sourdough is the most nutritious of all breads because it help your it's. To digest and it has a lower glycemic index. Although after that football game, I was at last night on a Friday night because we're, we're, we're recording this podcast on a Saturday, but on a Friday night and I came home and I ate like six pieces of sourdough bread.

Yeah. Dipped in butter. And, um, I got a little gut grenade going on. well, it came out really. I gotta, that's what I'm working on right now. It was, I liked it. It was delicious, but it was just a little bit dense. It wasn't like the airy, you know, like the little air pockets that you want in a sourdough. So I'm gonna figure this out.

She's gonna figure it out and, um, you can get on the train with us if you want, you get on the, get on the train. Yeah. And. I can say this. So Tori and I have kind of soft launched our coaching program, which is actually pretty fun. We've got lots of people already interested in it. Um, and we have this one thing that we call the marriage intensive where you can Tori's probably gonna kick me.

No, she, she likes it too, but where you can come spend a weekend with us from a Friday to a Sunday. And, um, it involves food, lots of food. Yes. To be honest, that this is actually one of the reasons I really want to learn. The sourdough. Yeah, because I think it would be so fun to have homemade sourdough bread for our guests, but we ain't bringing breakfast in bed.

No, you get your butt up and you eat breakfast with us. all right. For more information on that, go to beauty and You can go check out our coaching page, but are you done with your done food? I'm okay. This is good. So I'll, I'll maybe put it a little real together. So you guys can see the beginning of this journey.

I took a couple. Pictures and videos are on the along the way of learning this thing. And then I'll, I'll try to help put together something that will show you guys how to, how it's done. You're such a good person now. She's, you know, no, Tory's got Italian blood, her Italian. Is, is your dad full Italian now he's Italian and Polish.

Yeah, my, my dad's half Italian and half Polish. Yeah. And, and, uh, but if you ask him what he is, he's Italian, he's Italian. He's half Italian. If you ask me what I am, I'm Italian. She's Italian . Um, and for me, I'm just a Italian straight Italians are very proud, uh, proud people. She's she's an Italian and I'm just a straight up stallion.

Okay. Sorry about that. Yeah, but for so many years, we really have not done bread. Yeah, because we're trying to stay away from gluten and you know, all the things, and I'm really happy to be bringing bread back into our lives. And I think it's healthy. Mm-hmm , it's delicious. I'm hitting it with a vengeance.

Let me just tell you. Yeah. So just gotta make sure I I'm popping those fiber pills. Okay. We digress. All right. Thanks for hanging out with us. Don't forget. Rate, review, subscribe. If you like it, share it out with somebody and tell 'em. Hey, listen to these two cats. Well, I can't call you a. I'm kind of referring to when I talk about me and David jerks knuckleheads anyway.

Uh okay. But share it out. And, um, I mean, and cats are male and female, so I'm not really sure. Yeah. But, okay. I love you dog. all right. All right. We'll talk to you next week. Bye. Bye.